Microsoft Excel

Assess the skills of Microsoft Excel 2010 or 2013 your candidates. Our tests are grouped into four themes: Formatting, Calculation, Database and Graphic. Each theme includes several skills that you can evaluate.

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Display numbers as dates or times
Format numbers as percentages
Add cell borders
Change the decimal places displayed for numbers
Customize cell borders line style
Customize cell borders color style
Basic Auto Fill feature
Change column/row/cell format
Merge cells
Insert column/row/cell
Insert sheet
Apply existing format
Wrap text automatically in a cell
Reorganize worksheets in a spreasheet
Special character
Advanced Auto Fill feature
Freeze/Unfreeze Panes
Split Panes
Group/Ungroupe Date
Paste Special Options
Show/Hide columns and rows
Format a Sheet Tab
Text direction
Line break in a cell
Table Automatic Formatting
Center Across Selection
Unlock protected cells
Define a print area
Insert/Delete links
Basic Conditional Formatting
Headers and footers in a worksheet
Protect a worksheet
Print the top row on every page
Advanced Number Format
Import and format data in Excel
Advanced Conditional Formatting
Modify the default format
Display numbers : separators for thousands


Extend a formula to multiple cells
AVERAGE Function
SUM Function
Operator %
Operators * and /
Operators + and -
Locking $ both dimensions
Locking $ one dimension
Simple IF Function
Basic SUMIF/COUNTIF Functions
Operator ^
Multiple cells range argument
COUNT function
Advanced IF Function
Define/modify a name for a cell range
Automatic SUM on SUBTOTALS
Apply data validation to cells
Define and use names in formulas
SUMPRODUCT function and conditions
TIME function
TEXT function


Basic Filters
Automatic Filters
Sorting Column Data Ascending / Descending
Refreshing PivotTable Data
Create a simple list
Advanced Filters
VLOOKUP Function
Adding/Removing Fields in a PivotTable
Adding/Removing Filters in a PivotTable
Adding Fields in an empty PivotTable
Find / Replace
Displaying and Using the Total Row in a Table
TRANSPOSE function
INDEX/MATCH functions
Advanced INDEX/MATCH functions
Advanced Search Function
Adding a Calculated Field in a PivotTable
Adding/Modifying a PivotChart
Retrieving PivotTable Data


Modifying Data Labels
Removing / Adding Chart Data Series
Removing / Adding Chart Legend
Removing / Adding Chart Title
Resizing a chart
Selecting a Chart Type
Modifying Chart Legend Display
Chart : Color Style
Modifying Chart Style
Switching Row/Column in a Chart
Selecting Data Series in a Graph
Creating a Combo Chart : Mixed format
Chart : Advanced Display of Axis
Combo Chart : Secondary Axis
Creating "Waterfall" Charts
Creating "Scatter" Charts