Evaluate the skills Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013 or 2016 your candidates. Our tests are grouped into two areas: Overview and Advanced Objects. Each theme includes several skills that you can evaluate.

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Add/Delete comment
Add/Delete an animation effects
Add/Delete transitions
Add/Delete/Rearrange slides
Apply a theme to a presentation
Changing the default view
Show or hide the Outline or Slides tab
Change the background color
Modify the slide master
Change the format of a bulleted or numbered list
Insert outline text from Word
Create a new theme
Change an animation effect
Change transitions options between slides
Add recurrent data on all slides
Format the slides background
Activate a content placeholder on a slide master

Advanced objects

Add text to an object
Insert an Org Chart
Add a chart to a presentation
Insert/Modify/Rearrange shapes
Insert/Modify/Rearrange connectors
Insert/Modify/Rearrange a text box
Change the order objects appear
Display and use gridlines and guides
Align objects
Rotate or flip an object
Arrange objects equal distances from each other
Crop a picture
Modify the shape of a SmartArt graphic
Make an object partially transparent
Modify an object : advanced
Add an action button and assign an action
Insert a video