Assess the skills of Microsoft Word 2010, 2013 or 2016 your candidates. Our tests are grouped into three themes: Transversal skills, Layout and Automation and collaboration. Each theme includes several skills that you can evaluate.

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Page Layout

Change the font
Change the font size
Justify / align the text
Insert an image, a diagram
Formatting marks
Special character
Superscript or subscript
Borders and Shading options
Insert a chart in Word
Format a document with columns
Modify Font Attributes
Managing Breaks
Apply a style in Word
Customize styles in Word
Spacing between paragraphs
Managing Numbered Lists
Line Spacing
Modify Columns Attributes
Automatic Date Insert
Convert text to a table or a table to text
Set tabs in a Word document
Insert Footnote
Create a table of contents
Update a table of contents
Line Breaks/nonbreaking hyphen
Section Breaks : basic formatting
Managing page numbers
Section Breaks : advanced formatting
Decimal Tab

Automation and Collaboration

Add words to spell check dictionary
AutoCorrect feature
Find synonyms
Insert/delete comments
Activate Track Changes
Word Count
Word Documents Options
Add bookmarks
Managing Track Changes
Find and replace text formatting
Create a master document
Finalize mail merge document
Connect master document to data source